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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Every company will tell you that their products are the best. We have put a lot of work into designing our three lines of guitar straps, they are fantastic right now, but we also continue to improve them based on customer feedback. That is an advantage of a handmade product from a small company. Now you don't have to just take our word for it.


Rob Swift from Swiftlessons has over 100 Million views on Youtube and has been teaching students in person and online for quite some time. He features a lot of American classics (1950s-1980s) on acoustic, but also has some great lessons on ukulele and electric guitar. Check out his Resonance Cork giveaway for a shot at winning a free strap! We are confident it will be your new favorite.

Rob resonates with the sustainability aspect of our straps and loves how our vintage in dark brown was made to perfectly mate with his '93 Gibson Les Paul (they look smoking hot together, btw).

Guitar Animal Trent Craycraft is another fantastic guitar teacher. Trent teaches one on one in person and over video chat. A couple years ago Trent launched a freestanding website, Guitar Animal, where customers receive high quality guitar lessons broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Trent has acoustic lessons, but really shines in his electric guitar lessons. Trent can really shred! Check out his lessons and the review he did on our straps.

Trent's full review:

Trent points out that the dyeing process of cork, combined with the waterproof nature, protects the finish of your guitar in ways a leather strap might not. Trent told us that when you sweat on stage and your leather strap becomes soaked, that the dye can sometimes ruin your shirt and even leach into the finish on the guitar. That would be terrible!

Please check out both of these instructors. Each has a different style and gravitates towards different types of music. As an added bonus, I have given each an exclusive guitar only promo code for savings on top of any sale we might be running at the time. As always, we offer free shipping to the continental US, so sign up get playing - Join into the harmony and savor the Resonance!

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