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About Us

Resonance Cork is about an intimate connection - the innate human need to know and to be known. Every living thing, including the earth itself, emits energy. The interaction of that energy is resonance. If we are open, we can interact with each other and with nature in lasting and meaningful ways.

Resonance Cork is the effect of one of these encounters - a friendship sparked by a chance meeting and cultivated over years across the Atlantic Ocean. Timing finally worked out for us to showcase and celebrate the time honored traditions of individuals who take pride in their work. They might not be as fast as high production factories, but our desire is that when you carry with you one of our handcrafted items you also carry with you the love, care, and energy of the individuals who created each product.

We don’t have a direct translation for this in English, but the Portuguese have a word: “saudade”, which is an intense longing for something you once had. The word is difficult to describe, but the emotion is not. Saudade is that feeling you have when you think about someone you deeply loved and have lost.  The memories make you smile and cry at the same time.  You would not trade your time with that person for anything in the world, but now included in those joyous memories is the almost overwhelming sadness and longing for more time with them.

What does this have to do with handcrafted items made from cork? Quite a lot actually. Over the last several decades, generally speaking, we have transitioned from products made by skilled craftsmen and artisans to favor mass produced and cheaply made ones. By doing so, we have largely lost the connection to the individuals still making products in the time honored traditions. At Resonance Cork, we celebrate these individuals. Our hope is that when you use one of our products you feel the connection.  We strive to bring products to you that bring out the best in yourself so that you can bring out your best in the world. 

Join into the harmony and savor the Resonance!

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